SIG InfoLearn Workshop: Coordinating Scholarship in Searching as Learning (ASIS&T 2018)

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      ASIST’s new Special Interest Group, SIG Information and Learning Sciences (SIG InfoLearn) was initiated and launched in Spring of 2017. This SIG builds upon the growing recognition of the ways in which the scholarly disciplines of information science and the learning sciences stand to enrich one another theoretically, methodologically, and, empirically, for instance through design improvements within systems in which human learning is expected.

      Following on the success of the first annual workshop, this year we will host a second pre-conference event at ASIS&T 2018, focused on “Searching as Learning.” This workshop will aim to augment and clarify our scholarly community’s shared understanding of what is meant by the nomenclature, “searching as learning.” We will explore the kinds of research that might be promising for ongoing engagement within the boundaries of search, information-seeking, inquiry and learning. A keynote from Dr. Dan Russell of Google will provide insights on the design and development efforts occurring within commercial search services that take into account human learning, cognition and development. Dr. Russell will share how learning is conceptualized within Google from pragmatic design standpoints. Further discussion will be made regarding areas of theoretical and methodological opportunity that are present in cross-navigating inter-disciplinarily between and among learning and information sciences scholarly domains.

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