Summer Research Institute 2009

11-15 June, 2009, Blue Mountain Lake, NY
Syracuse University’s Minnowbrook Conference Center, Blue Mountain Lake, NY

Photos from CSST 2009

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  • Steve Sawyer, (director) Syracuse University School of Information Studies
  • Tom Finholt, (co-director) University of Michigan, School of Information. Finholt
  • Mark Ackerman The University of Michigan
  • Jonathan Grudin, Microsoft Research,
  • Wendy Kellogg, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
  • Tony Salvador, Intel Paper to discuss Media:Complex Adaptive Systems, Heroism & Innovation First Full Draft.pdf
  • William Dutton, Oxford Internet Institute
  • Wayne Lutters, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), Information Systems
  • Suzanne Iacono, National Science Foundation
  • Andrea Tapia, Penn State University, College of Information Sciences and Technology
  • Suzanne P. Weisband, University of Arizona Management Information Systems

List of Campers

  • Cecilia Aragon (Computer Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
  • Nama Budhathoki (PhD Candidate, Illinois)
  • Jenna Burrell (Asst. Prof, UC Berkeley)
  • Marcelo Cataldo (Researcher, Bosch Corporate Research)
  • Dan Cosley (Asst. Prof, Cornell)
  • E.Ilana Diamant (PhD Candidate, U. of Pittsburgh)
  • Laura Forlano (Post Doctoral Associate, Yale University)
  • Eric Gilbert (PhD Candidate, Illinois)
  • Shuyuan Mary Ho (PhD Candidate, Syracuse University)
  • Gary Hsieh (PhD Candidate, Carnegie Mellon)
  • David Huffaker (PhD Candidate, Northwestern)
  • Steven L. Johnson (Asst. Prof, Temple U.)
  • Derek Lackaff (PhD Candidate, SUNY-Buffalo)
  • Cliff Lampe (Assistant Professor, Michigan State University)
  • Silvia Lindtner (PhD Candidate, UC Irvine)
  • Helena Mentis (PhD Candidate, Penn State)
  • Joyojeet Pal (Post-doc, UW)
  • Naren Peddibhotla (Assistant Professor, SUNYIT-Utica)
  • Erika Poole (PhD Candidate, Georgia Tech)
  • Emilee Rader (PhD Candidate, Michigan)
  • Amanda Rotondo (PhD Candidate, RPI)
  • Rajiv Shah (Adjunct Assistant Prof, U of Illinois at Chicago)
  • Yide Shen (PhD, Georgia State University)
  • Irina Shklovski (Post-doc, UCI)
  • Jenn Thom-Santelli (PhD Candidate, Cornell)
  • Phoebe O. Toups Dugas (PhD Candidate, Texas A&M)
  • Michael Tyworth (PhD Candidate, Penn State)
  • Xiaomu Zhou (PhD Candidate, U Michigan)



  1. Some preparation expected
  2. Minimize presentation, maximize interaction
  3. Focus on getting campers involved in discussions and panels
  4. Use counselors for advice, guidance and to highlight points of debate in panels
  5. Emphasize value of intellectual home relative to trans-disciplinary ST community

11 June: Arrival

Noon - Leave Syracuse by bus
1630 - Arrive, check in and get settled
1800 - Dinner (We’ll arrange the seating to encourage meeting people)
1900 - Institute overview and objectives
1930 - Introductions (aka speed dating or 'rapid scholarship').

For this activity, seating will be organized into an inner and outer ring of chairs. Half the group will be assigned to the inner ring and will sit facing out. The other half will be assigned to the outer ring and will sit facing in (i.e., opposite someone in the inner ring). Your initial seat assignment will be indicated by a name tent with your name. Every five minutes, Steve will whistle/ring a bell and those seated in the outer ring will rotate clockwise to sit opposite a new person in the inner ring. Those in the inner ring stay put (don't move!). We will continue like this for sixty to seventy minutes. The goal of the exercise is to get acquainted with 10 to 15 people in a short period of time. We suggest you use your conversation time to take turns giving your "elevator speech" (i.e., a brief description of your research area and interests).

Inner ring: C. Aragon, M. Cataldo, L. Forlano, N. Budhathoki, E.I. Diamant, G. Hsieh, S. Johnson, D. Lackaff, S. Lindtner, N. Peddibhotla, E. Poole, A. Rotondo, X. Zhou, M. Tyworth, T. Finholt, W. Dutton, S. Iacono, A. Tapia

Outer ring: J. Burrell, D. Cosley, I. Shklovski, E. Gilbert, S. M. Ho, D. Huffaker, C. Lampe, P. Toups, H. Mentis, R. Shah, E. Rader, J. Thom-Santelli, Y. Shen, M. Ackerman, T. Salvador, W. Lutters, W. Kellogg, S. Weisband

Ringmaster: S. Sawyer

2100 Informal social time

12 June: Socio-technical Perspectives and Intellectual Communities

0730 Breakfast
0830 What is socio-technical (panel) Getting various perspectives on what is (and is not) socio-tech research. Focus is on providing depth and variation to the meanings of ‘sociotechnical.'
1000 Break
1030 Intellectual community groups ("sociotechnical means this to us")

We'll self-select into different intellectual communities to build on the general discussion of sociotechnical elements, focusing on their research activities that reflect the intellectual community member's interests/perspectives.

1200 Lunch
1300 Session on socio-tech commonalities <-> communities Open discussion on connections and differences in pursuing sociotechnical research
1430 Break
1500 Participant spotlight #1

We’ll break in groups of four/five, each led by one camper who presents their work. A counselor will moderate and we’ll follow a structured presentation/review process.

  • Group 1: Cataldo, Presenter; Lindtner; Huffaker; Shah; Lutters, Moderator
  • Group 2: Ho, Presenter; Mentis; Toups; Lackaff; Ackerman, Moderator
  • Group 3: Forlano, Presenter; Poole; Rotondo; Lampe; Finholt, Moderator
  • Group 4: Thom-Santelli, Presenter; Aragon; Shen; Gilbert; Dutton, Moderator
  • Group 5: Tyworth, Presenter; Shklovski; Budhathoki; Salvador, Moderator
  • Group 6: Cosley, Presenter; Rader; Peddibhotla; Sawyer, Moderator
  • Group 7: Hsieh, Presenter; Zhou; Burrell; Iacono, Moderator
  • Group 8: Johnson, Presenter; Diamant; Kellogg, Moderator

1600 Free time (to boat, hike, wander, etc. The intent is to take advantage of the place and the people, not to be an email catch-up-athon)

1830 Dinner
1930 Participant spotlight #2

  • Group 9: Zhou, Presenter; Forlano; Lindtner; Shklovski; Grudin, Moderator
  • Group 10: Burrell, Presenter; Ho; Huffaker; Mentis; Weisband, Moderator
  • Group 11: Budhathoki, Presenter; Aragon; Gilbert; Shen; Lutters, Moderator
  • Group 12: Lackaff, Presenter; Hsieh; Johnson; Toups; Ackerman, Moderator
  • Group 13: Rotondo, Presenter; Rader; Thom-Santelli; Tapia, Moderator
  • Group 14: Poole, Presenter; Cosley; Shah; Dutton, Moderator
  • Group 15: Lampe, Presenter; Tyworth; Salvador, Moderator
  • Group 16: Diamant, Presenter; Cataldo; Peddibhotla; Iacono, Moderator

2030 Informal free time

13 June: DOING socio-technical research

0730 Breakfast
0830 Socio-tech methods (panel) Focus is on identifying some basic or common methods/approaches to doing sociotechnical research To do this, working in groups todevelop sociotechnical approaches to research based on a series of "dream' data sets.

1000 Break
1030 Socio-technical basics -- What are the core elements of a sociotechnical perspective Focus on framing these by working through a caucus-based process of issue identification

1200 Lunch

1300 Socio-technical basics -- caucus. Focus on bringing together the caucus groups.
1430 Break
1500 Participant spotlight #3

  • Group 17: Aragon, Presenter; Burrell; Cataldo; Johnson; Kellogg, Moderator
  • Group 18: Gilbert, Presenter; Diamant; Lampe; Tyworth; Grudin, Moderator
  • Group 19: Rader, Presenter; Hsieh; Huffaker; Rotondo; Weisband, Moderator
  • Group 20: Peddibhotla, Presenter; Forlano; Poole; Toups; Lutters, Moderator
  • Group 21: Shen, Presenter; Shah; Ackerman, Moderator
  • Group 22: Shklovski, Presenter; Ho; Zhou; Tapia, Moderator
  • Group 23: Mentis, Presenter; Cosley; Lindtner; Dutton, Moderator
  • Group 24: Salvador, Presenter; Budhathoki; Lackaff; Thom-Santelli, Moderator

1600 Free time
1830 Dinner
1930 Participant spotlight #4

  • Group 25: Huffaker, Presenter; Gilbert; Huffaker; Johnson; Lackaff; Sawyer, Moderator
  • Group 26: Toups, Presenter; Burrell; Cataldo; Tyworth; Iacono, Moderator
  • Group 27: Shah, Presenter; Ho; Hsieh; Thom-Santelli; Tapia, Moderator
  • Group 28: Grudin, Presenter; Cosley; Diamant; Mentis; Shklovski, Moderator
  • Group 29: Weisband, Presenter; Rotondo; Shen; Peddibhotla, Moderator
  • Group 30: Lutters, Presenter; Budhathoki; Forlano; Rader, Moderator
  • Group 31: Lindtner, Presenter; Lampe; Ackerman, Moderator
  • Group 32: Dutton, Presenter; Aragon; Poole; Zhou, Moderator

2030 Informal free time

14 June: A socio-tech career

0730 Breakfast
0830 Publishing Socio-tech work (panel) Focus is on developing your work relative to developing a research trajectory. This includes how best to frame the work for publication and where to publish.
1000 Break
1030 Getting funded for socio-tech work (panel) Focus is on getting the resources needed to pursue your science/scholarship.
1200 Lunch
1300 Next steps (CSST workshops and events, writing, other activities…) Focus is towards community building relative to venues, resources and activities.
1430 Break
1500 Participant spotlight #5

  • Group 33: TBD, Presenter; Forlano; Rader; Shen; Zhou, Moderator
  • Group 34: Sawyer, Presenter; Lackaff; Mentis; Tyworth; Shah, Moderator
  • Group 35: Ackerman, Presenter; Cataldo; Cosley; Gilbert; Huffaker, Moderator
  • Group 36: Kellogg, Presenter; Burrell; Ho; Hsieh; Lampe, Moderator
  • Group 37: Iacono, Presenter; Diamant; Johnson; Rotondo, Moderator
  • Group 38: Tapia, Presenter; Budhathoki; Lindtner; Thom-Santelli, Moderator
  • Group 39: TBD, Presenter; Lutters; Peddibhotla; Poole; Toups, Moderator
  • Group 40: Finholt, Presenter; Salvador; Shklovski; Aragon, Moderator

1600 Free time
1830 Camp dinner

15 June: Departing

0730 Breakfast
0830 Check out
0900 Depart for Syracuse/home